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15 years in the making! The culmination of working with thousands of clients. Combining high intensity metabolic training with state of the art heart monitoring equipment in partnership with Polar. Designed to maximise fat reduction and lean muscle development. I guarantee you will not have experienced a class anything like it! Open to all abilities and ages and with an average participant calorie burn of 800-1000 calories the Inferno will provide results quicker than any class out there.

A new type of fitness class
800 - 1000 cals burnt per person

Delivered in the PureGym Longbenton studio every Saturday and Sunday at 9am, Inferno is a full body metabolic conditioning workout combining cardiovascular exercise with strength and functional training to provide an experience like no other. The inferno is designed to maximise body fat reduction whilst building and toning lean muscle. This one of a kind approach is the result of over 15 years of body recomposition experience. 

The ultimate total body
fat burning workout

It's unique and unlike anything you've experienced before. Inferno will test your strength, stamina and will power within safe limits with the support of state of the art monitoring equipment. It's exclusive to Evolve With Sean and Inferno team members. To join the Inferno WhatsApp team text 07843011970

Your goals, your class, your limits

We have partnered up with Polar to provide a state of the art training experience. Featuring their new Verity Sense heart rate sensors and a 120 inch interactive screen displaying live heart rate, training zones and calories burnt, I will guide you through the most effective workout you've ever had. The live screen will allow you to track your performance and challenges in real time in session.

Cutting edge equipment and
software to power your workout

The Verity Sense monitor is an arm wearable heart rate system that guarantees accurate and personalised results in real time, all displayed on a 120 inch screen. Calories burnt, live heart rate, heart rate zone and time spent exercising all displayed in real time so you can not only push beyond what you thought was possible but also stay safe and enjoy the experience.

inferno wix.PNG
A new Inferno every week, the
results will just keep on coming

Every week step into the Inferno for a new experience. New exercises, new equipment, new challenges to keep fat burning and conditioning at max levels. All personal data available at session end with rewards based on performance and goals achieved. 

Join the growing team of people taking their fitness and fat burning to the next level
Inferno Testimonials
Week #1
"Into the unknown"

In it's opening week, the Inferno welcomes over 20 brave souls to test their mettle in 75 minutes of challenges.

Week #2
"welcome back"

The Inferno opens it's doors again to welcome back another team willing to take on the challenge. 

Week #3
"seeing double"

This week the team turns on each other for the chance to walk away victorious.

Week #4
"the inferno bites back"

Faster paced, higher targets and with a sinister twist, the Inferno is ready this week, is the team?

Week #5
"head to head"

The team are up against something even more challenging than the inferno this week......themselves!

Week #6
"just when you had it under control"

Just as you started to get comfortable! This week the Inferno welcomes the team back with a "surprise" twist.

Week #7
"you're not one of us"

Just when everyone started working so well together! 

The Inferno has some of the team do its bidding!

Week #8
"Tug of war"

This week the team goes head to head. The question is who wants "it" the most?

Week #9
"Time waits for no one"

The team go up against their most intense challenge yet. Don't be late, the Inferno waits for no one.

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